14.00 USD50.00 USD

INKCHIP Chipless Firmware – change the basic software that will recognize the cartridge as being full.

We are constatly working on firmware updateds. Contact us if you can`t find your firmware:

    Please ensure the following points are checked to proceed:
  • - The printer is turned ON
  • - Your computer is connected to the Internet
  • - The printer is connected via a USB cable
  • - The printer driver is installed
    Four Easy Steps:
  • - Download the software
  • - Obtain the code from the installed software.
  • - Visit the web page and input the code. Link
  • - Receive the Chipless Firmware via email.
  • - Use the existing installation software to install the firmware on your printer

INKCHIP FIX Firmware - Non-Refundable.
INKCHIP FIX Firmware - generate for ONE printer and can’t be used on other printers.
INKCHIP FIX Firmware - work ONLY with Windows operating system.


Additional information

Model laser PANTUM

BM5100, BM5100ADN, BM5100ADW, BM5100FDN, BM5100FDW, BP5100, BP5100DN, BP5100DW, M6200, M6200NW, M6202NW, M6206NW, M6500, M6500N, M6500NW, M6500W, M6502, M6502NW, M6502W, M6506, M6506W, M6507, M6507W, M6509, M6509NW, M6509W, M6550, M6550N, M6550NW, M6550W, M6552NW, M6557NW, M6558NW, M6559, M6559N, M6559NW, M6600, M6600N, M6600NW, M6600W, M6602NW, M6606NW, M6607NW, M6609N, M6609NW, M6700, M6700D, M6700DW, M6702DW, M6800, M6800FDW, M6802FDW, M6808FDW, M7100, M7100DN, M7100DW, M7102DN, M7102DW, M7105DN, M7105DW, M7108DW, M7200, M7200FD, M7200FDN, M7200FDW, M7202FDN, M7202FDW, M7208FDW, M7300, M7300FDN, M7300FDW, M7302FDN, M7302FDW, M7310DN, M7310DW, P2200, P2206, P2207, P2500, P2500NW, P2500W, P2502, P2502W, P2506, P2506W, P2507, P2507W, P2509, P2509W, P2510, P2516, P2518, P3010, P3010D, P3010DW, P3020D, P3300, P3300DN, P3300DW, P3305DN, P3305DW